August 19, 2022

Funtime at Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Lagoon

Last weekend, on 4 – 5 September 2007,I, my hubby and daughter went to Sunway Pyramid for my 2nd year anniversary celebration. On 4th Sept. 2007, 9.15 am we arrived at Sunway Hotel & Resort. After spinning around searching for the car park, we check in.The hotel is Pyramid Tower (Caused it’s the cheapest :-)) and I still remember the room number was 7718. Just near by the elevator. The room quite small with a simple interior, only have basic facilities and don’t have a mini bar. But, for us it’s doesn’t matter. The important is we can enjoy and be happy coz not all the time we are in the bedroom.

Sunway Lagoon2

Actually, we went to Sunway Hotel because my hubby had a seminar there. So, he went to the seminar first and during the break time, we having our lunch together. One thing at the Sunway Pyramid, they don’t have a public food court. Even, they have a lot of cafe’s, fast food and restaurants we just ate KFC, McDonald and Shushi. I think for the future, Sunway Pyramid should have a Malaysian Food Court to serve their customers need. Besides that, they can promote our Malaysian food to the tourist especially to the Arab tourist.

After lunch, mostly we just “lepak-lepak” and hang in around with my daughter at the shopping complex. And also take some pictures. Sunway Pyramid also a famous place to the ice skaters. They have ice skating court and I’m sure this is a new experience for those who not familiar to these sport. This is the place that you can enjoy and learn ice skating. Sunway Pyramid also the best themed shopping mall in Malaysia. A whole new experience awaits you the moment you arrive here. Shop to your heart’s delight at the myriad of retail outlets with offering for everyone. At Sunway Pyramid, they have more than 300 outlets to tickled your fancy, so come on over to this Sunway Pyramid. Besides the Sunway Pyramid Ice, they have Redbox Karaoke, Pyramid Mega Lanes, TGV, Digi Specialished Store, Digital Centre, The Hello Station and many more.

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon4

In the evening, we went to hotel swimming pool, just near by the Sunway Lagoon. Actually…we wanted to go the Sunway Lagoon but the theme park is not opening. So we decided to swim at the swimming pool only. The most shallow is 0.6 metres. So, it’s not suitable for my daughter. She loves to swim and play with the water. But…sadly she was only 1 years old. Just a small gurl. Hehehe…For not disappointing my loving daughter, she swam in our room bath tab and she was so happy. About a hour we were in the bathroom. After we taken a shower, we went to the shopping mall again and have a dinner. At Sunway Pyramid, there a lot of choices for those who are love the Western food, excellent sushi with our Asian, Chinese and Southeast Asian eateries and every other cuisine you can imagine. Don’t think though that sit down meals are all that’s on offer, there’s a dinning style to fit
all your wants at Sunway. Bon appetite!!! Back to my story, at nite we were been a sight seeing all around Sunway. Saw the nightlife in Sunway. Next morning we continued our journey to back home, our lovely home in Melaka. The historical city.

For more details about Sunway, please log on here.
Sunway Pyramid Sdn. Bhd.
3, Jalan PJS 11 / 15, 46150
Bandar Sunway, Selangor,
Tel No. : +603 7494 3100
Fax No.: +603 7492 6333


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