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Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 – Malaysia Rank 31

World Economic Forum (WEF) has released the first ever Travel and Tourism Index covering 124 countries around the world. This index is aims to measure the factors and policies that make it attractive to develop the T&T sector in different countries. Malaysia is rank 31 in compared to 124 Country. Top 10 are :
WEF Travel & Tourism Rank

For full rank please visit here.Much more to improve if we want to make travel & tourism (T&T) as one of the major economic catalyst.The area of improvement are :
1. Policy rules and regulations
2. Environmental regulation
3. Safety and security
4. Health and hygiene
5. Prioritization of Travel & Tourism
6. Air transport infrastructure
7. Ground transport infrastructure
8. Tourism infrastructure
9. ICT infrastructure
10. Price competitiveness in the T&T industry
11. Human resources
12. National tourism perception
13. Natural and cultural resources.

The full report can be download here.

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