November 29, 2021

Fun & Learning At Melaka Zoo – Malaysia’s Zoological Heaven..

Is located about 13km from Melaka City. It is the second largest Zoo in the country encompassing 54-acres with more than 1,200 animals of over 200 different species. It is also the first Zoo in the region to exhibit the rare and endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros and Gaur.

My Daughter Pointing at A Sumatran Rhino

My Kid & Rhino

The Zoo was established in 1963. Since 1979, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Peninsular Malaysia took over the management of the Zoo to enhance its operations and upgrade its services for public’s benefit. Zoo Melaka is easily accessible by public transportation via the city’s bus terminal.

The Zoo also have a zoological center that display dead and preserved animal for education. Below preserved and live CROC!
Croccodile at melaka zoo

Maybe for the next post I will Review the Melaka Night Zoo. Do visit zoo Melaka Website for ticket and show info. Be Nocturnal!!

Melaka Zoo Map


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One thought on “Fun & Learning At Melaka Zoo – Malaysia’s Zoological Heaven..

  1. Hi, nice post 🙂

    I visited Melaka Zoo last December . Melaka Zoo is really amazing .. I love the animals .. there is alot to explore in Zoo ..

    I put up some information on my blog after my visit which you can found on my Melaka Zoo.

    Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Melaka Zoo again 🙂

    cheers …

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