August 3, 2021

Melaka Exhibit Memoir of Malaysia Indipendence Picture

From 16th of August to 29th August 2007, Melaka State Government is showing all the picture relating to the Malaysia Independence for Public Viewing. All of this picture including never seen before historical picture of Tunku Abdul Rahman our Father of Independence at London and scene of the preparation before the proclamation.
melaka historic independence exhibitions

There are many historical moments of Tunku and the accompanying leader week before the Independece at Kuala Lumpur, United Kingdom and Melaka. The Camera man was Mr.Michael Wong Swee Lin now at the age of 81. Dont miss this opportunity to view all the historical document and you can bring along your camera too and taking picture is allowed.

Past leader of the Chinese Party Tun Tan Cheng Lock with Tun V.T. Sambanthan from Malaysian Indian Congres also available. The visitor exhibition are from many races that want to know better of our Independence history root. Here is my closeup of the Nash Rambler Custom Convertible 1951 ride by Tunku Abdul Rahman with registration number M4442 at Padang Pahlawan Melaka 50 years ago.


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